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🚚 FREE delivery in Hong Kong!
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Boom For Business

Are you a coffee shop or a restaurant and want to jump into the wave of the bubble tea drinks?


Why not, Bubble tea is one of the most fast-growing markets of this decade.

But there is a problem:

Making bubble tea is time-consuming. It needs to prepare the tapioca pearl in the morning, and sell it as far as possible before the tapioca becomes hard after 3h.

This is why we developed this new generation of tapioca pearl, to help you provide to your client a Bubble tea. Ant it's faster to make than a coffee. 

Our special package can keep the tapioca pearl at room temperature for a year, and ready in 25s with a microwave. 

We provide all the equipment and can design specially for you bubble tea recipes. For example, the popular Brown Sugar Bubble Milk (Photo), Bubble tea original, Macha Bubble tea, Taro Milk tea, Boba cafe latte ... and so much more.

So send us your contact and one of our expert will contact you back for free within 24h. He will provide you free consulting for adding bubble tea to your menu and reach more clients for your shop.